January 1, 2011

...Spicy Shredded Chicken

Ok, kiddos, who's ready for a super quick and easy recipe?  All of you?  That's what I thought!  This little concoction has been around for quite a while, so I'm not sure who to give credit for.  I learned it from Mom, though, so we'll go with that.

Three ingredients, one crock pot, walk away for eight hours, and dinner is ready.  Told you it was quick and easy.

Spicy Shredded Chicken
serves 6-8

4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (thawed or frozen, yes, you can put them in frozen - yea!)
1 jar picante sauce (spicy-ness level of your choice)
1 can chopped green chilies

Put all three ingredients into a large crock pot.  Turn the crock pot on low and let it cook for 8 hours.  When you get home from work, or shopping all day, or lounging by the pool (Summer... I miss you...  please come back soon!), shred the chicken breasts with a couple of forks and mix it all together.

Serve on top of chips for tasty chicken nachos or in tortillas for a spicy spin on chicken soft tacos.  Add cheese, sour cream, guacamole, anything you like.


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