June 27, 2010

... a couple changes to the ol' blogaroo

Hello!  Just wanted to pop in to say that I've made a couple of changes to the blog.  Nothing drastic, but hopefully helpful.

First off, the layout has changed.  If you read my blog in a reader, you probably won't see any difference, and really, if you read it on my site, it's not a huge difference either.  Just some color, borders, and organization.

Also, I've added labels so hopefully that'll make it easier on you if you happen to be searching for a particular recipe.  If you think I should add additional labels or you want me to make a recipe for something specific, please let me know.  I'm always looking for suggestions!

And finally, I've made it so that you can print the recipes from a web document rather than directly from the blog with all of the pictures.  Towards the end of the post where I list the recipe, the title of the recipe is a link.  Just click that and you can print away.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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