February 14, 2011

... Meatless Mondays and Who's Got Milk? (not me!)

Hey there, kids!  As you may have seen here, I'm starting a new run on the ol' blogaroo... Meatless Mondays!  Blame it on me needing some new inspiration or, perhaps, Oprah.  Either way, it should be a good challenge for us all.  And, seeing as how 'sweets' is falling in line as number one in the labels category these days, it can't hurt to focus on something a little better for us.  Right?

In addition to Meatless Mondays, I've decided to go dairy-free for a week.  I'm on Day 2 and, I have to say, so far so good.  I didn't even try one of these yesterday.  I know, gasp!  Today I had soy in my latte instead of milk.  No biggie.  No goat cheese on my salad... yeah, that hurt a little, but I never said this was going to be easy.

Now, I'm not trying to kid myself here.  I'm definitely going to need to add cheese back in at some point... at least on Mondays.  Do you know how hard it is to find a good recipe that's both meatless and cheese-less?!  It just might be in the form of shavings instead of chunks.

So, here we go... look forward to lots of new recipes!  And, I'll apologize in advance for any crazy 'show me the ice cream!!!' rants I may have over the next seven days.

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